Brady Mallalieu Architects

Woodland Eco-centre,

Devon, UK

Set on the edge of an existing woodland in Devon the new Eco Woodland Centre provides educational and exhibition facilities for the visiting public and local schools. Visitors will be offered opportunities to experience and understand more about the natural world, the importance of the ecology of woodlands and the potential of wood as a material and resource. Workshop and retail space will support a body of crafts people who work in wood and manage the woodland.


The processes from growth to harvest and the application of timber will be made visible to visitors in the structure, cladding and finishes of the building. The wider facilities include areas of managed woodland which will allow for the future maintenance, repair and extension of the building through timber grown and seasoned on the site. This is designed as a low carbon centre of excellence for learning about wood.


Client: private



Design Detail Magazine [2015] Reconnecting with Nature, June 2015, Volume 2, Issue 14.

Vision 2015, London.

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